Sang Nordique

Domain Of Gimli

In the One World By Night, on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Gimli is a vast sprawling metropolis with the suburbs leaking out from the city's core. There are roving gangs, some no more than a small group of thugs, while others number in the hundreds with extensive contacts and influence. Then there are of course the Vampires that hunt them as prey...

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There are a few locations within Gimli that you would be aware of. Keep in mind that Out of Character, we use the city of Winnipeg as our "Map" of Gimli. Geographically, it is in the same place as Gimli, but it is about the size of Winnipeg in terms of population.


The locations you are aware of are the Sacred places to Kindred, known as Elysium. Each Elysium is supposed to be a place where kindred can gather without fear of attack due to their Political beliefs. That's what's supposed to happen, anyhow. Any attack on Elysium grounds is considered a barbaric act, and can have deadly consequences.


This stately location is the central seat of the Camarilla, and was formed by Camarilla members as a place of peace.  This place is the least accessible of the Elysium in Gimli, an estate surrounded by walls and a fence.

Gimli's Viking Coast Aquarium

One of the largest inland Aquariums in North America, sporting exotic sea life for the delight of all!


An irish themed bar in the Exchange district.  The entire bar is Elysium, but the second floor is where Kindred can speak a little more freely.  The main floor is a bumping bar filled with mortals. This Bar is a frequent hangout for Anarchs, and was formed by the Anarch Political movement.

The Belgian Club

This Elysium is controversial, as it was formed by an opposing Political group to the Camarilla, known as the Sabbat.  According to Camarilla propaganda, the Sabbat are a group of Vampires that are twisted and horrible monsters, and only fit for destruction. Opinions vary, of course, but don’t air them around members of the Camarilla.  They view any opposing views of the Sabbat as treason. It begs the question though… why would a group of monsters create a location dedicated to peace? How does that line up with Camarilla propaganda?