Sang Nordique

House Rules

The Sang Nordique OWBN chronicle uses the rules contained within Laws of the Night: Revised (LOTN:R), with the exceptions contained within the House Rules available below. The House Rules take precedence over LOTN:R in cases of any contradiction.

Of course, all players will need to keep in mind that the end result of any ruling is up to the Storytellers (ST). Sometimes, it fits a particular narrative or situation to do something differently from what’s in the provided rules.

Our Chronicle Documents

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Administrative House Rules

This document includes Character Shelving and Inactivity procedures, as well as Chronicle Disciplinary actions.

Updated September 12, 2021

Player Action House Rules

These House Rules are for the Player Actions/Downtimes that players send the Stortyelling Staff between games.  Remember, Players actions are always due the first Friday after the game by midnight!

Updated January 6, 2018

Player Actions Downtime Template

Please use this template to help you organize your player action downtimes.  Organized player actions help the Storytelling staff respond quicker and easier!

Sang Nordique House Rules.

Last updated September 12, 2021