Sang Nordique

Camarilla Kindred

Look outside your window, and you will see a world that is full of people and places, the majority comfortable and friendly, a few hidden in shadows. In the World of Darkness, this is reversed. Dangerous people and creatures prevail, daylight hours are shorter, and if anything nasty befalls you, it's not a given that someone will even notice. This is the world that Vampires, or Kindred, inhabit.

The Brujah

Ideological revolutionaries and rebels, the Rabble serve their causes with passion.

Anna Taylor


"i am a poster girl with no poster,

i am thirty-two flavors and then some.

and i'm beyond your peripheral vision,

so you might want to turn your head.

cause someday you're going to get hungry,

and eat most of the words you just said."

- Ani DiFranco "32 Flavors"

Played by: Joey W

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Charlie Nais

Played by: Erik N

The Gangrel

No city holds sway over the Outlanders, who wander the wilderness and survive as vampiric predators among animals.



Played by: Dave L

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T.J. King

Played by: Brent H

The Malkavian

The deranged Lunatics claim a fractured insight into the workings of reality.

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  • Clever
  • Loyal
  • Methodical
  • Respected
  • Tactical
  • Feared

Daniel "Danny" Warren


"For what's the sound of the world out there? Those crunching noises pervading the air! It's man devouring man, my dear! Then who are we to deny it in here?" - Sweeny Todd, "A little Priest"

Played by: Chris P

Elise McGregor


My retainer is a german shepherd. He’s about 4 years old and was found by Elise during her first year as a vampire in her travels. He was out wandering the fields of Saskatchewan starving when she had come across him. There was a connection between them and perhaps the last shreds of Elise’s humanity and the remembrance of her own dog as a child, that wouldn’t allow her to leave him to die such a terrible death. She named him Rocky, for his willingness to fight and not stay down. Rocky is fiercely loyal and protective of Elise. Since moving to Gimli, Rocky has been protecting the lair, though recently he’s been growing restless. He’s been sensing the surge in the madness, and only has the desire to make sure she’s safe. His appearance at court is an inevitability at this point, Elise probably couldn’t stop him if she tried.

Elise’s poor tragic background. Such a tale to behold. She was born in Winnipeg to Helen and Michael, and was raised there most of her life. Elise’s mother’s side of the family came over from Scotland, and they had a strong connection to the otherworldly. Some of that side of the family could commune with the dead, read fortunes to an eerie accuracy, see ghosts and help them to finish their business. Her family considered these abilities as gifts, but Elise did not. To her these were nothing but a curse. She is the 7th born of a 7th born. She’s the only surviving child, as the 6 before her were stillborn. A miracle child proclaimed by her family. Early life was rough. Elise’s “gift” was brief flashes of the future. These felt like scenes of torment, visions of things that would come to pass and could not be changed. No matter how hard she tried. Knowing her father would start coming home drunk and beating her mother, seeing her dog run out into traffic and get hit by a speeding car, her grandfather’s heart attack, the neighbor that was having the affair with the much younger dog walker, the restaurant owner sexually harassing one of his employees. Over time the visions became more constant, and as she got older she could start hearing people’s thoughts or feel their emotions. At just a brief touch, she could see the future or intent of a person. She started wearing gloves to prevent these encounters, but the others couldn’t be slowed down. She started isolating herself from others, the visions becoming too much to bear. Eventually, when Elise was in her late teens, her mother left her abusive father and they moved to the outskirts of Regina. The visions here slowed. Maybe the reduced stress of having left her father behind, who had probably been a major contributor to the constant visions, had helped to alleviate the symptoms. Elise could leave the house, and eventually would take on a job at the local bookstore. A few years later, Elise would start getting visions of a dark figure. Someone she could never quite see clearly. It was the same every time. A shadowed figure murdered her mother. For the first time should could not pinpoint when. It was like some unseen force was messing with her, slowly pushing her to the brink. The visions of her mother’s death became more frequent, and the night she finally came home to blood on the walls was enough to push her over. As she stood over the mangled corpse of her mother, she remembered a vision. One of her first. She stood out in an open field, knife in her right hand, screaming into the night, a swift swipe against her left arm, her blood soaking into the ground, feeling faint, falling, someone catching her, and then darkness. She was 30 when she was embraced, she opened her arm to end her suffering, the insanity. she soon discovered that the shadow had been stalking her, wanted to drive her to madness, so that she would take her own life and it would then “save” her. Or this is how she felt anyway. She didn’t feel saved, she felt condemned. Now she was bound to the night and voices accompanied the ever present, unrelenting visions. The vampire who embraced her never identified himself. Elise was left to discover for herself what had happened. And somehow she found her way to Emily Grace, who saw the use in Elise and the powers she possesses. It was Emily who explained that Elise was Malkavian and took on the role of mentor. Elise had been known to have an occasional drink before, but the addition of the voices has driven her to a state of alcoholism.

Elise, since moving to Gimli, has taken up residence in a North Kildonan single family home on Scotia St near Kildonan Park. The home overlooks the river, which has seemed to help bring peace and calm to her. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a finished basement with a bar, hardwood floors throughout, and a seasonal sunroom which makes Elise laugh. Maybe one day she’ll make proper use of it when she’s no longer able to maintain control. The kitchen has marble countertops, cherry wood cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. In her days while she was alive, this would have easily been her favourite space, now it’s just salt in the wounds of what could have been. All the windows have heavy drapes, to block out the sun, unwanted prying eyes, and the hope that maybe it will silence the visions of her neighbors extra curriculars. There isn’t much for furniture in her home. An old leather couch and a flat screen tv that’s collecting dust in the living room from lack of use. Her room has a queen sized bed, several dressers and full length mirror. She’s learned having a mirror in her room is smart, since she often wakes up writing messages in her own blood. The halls have a couple rugs from Ikea to help muffle the sounds. Perhaps one day she’ll consider doing more to decorate, but the depression prevents her from caring much. Outside in the garage is her 2014 silver Chevrolet Cruze 2ls automatic.

Played by: Katie B

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Edison Dawkins

Played by: Kyle F

The Nosferatu

The hideous curse of blood warps the physical visage of each of the Sewer Rats, but others respect and fear their mastery of hidden byways and secret-gathering.

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  • Clever
  • Dutiful
  • Resourceful
  • Respected
  • Squishy

Milo of Milo

It's human nature to fear what you don't understand...


Keeper of Elysium

Just a guy trying to help fight the good fight and keep the flow of information flowing.

Played by: Kris D

The Toreador

Protectors of culture and promoters of art make up the Degenerates, but they also include sychophants and pleasure-seekers in their ranks.

Lexi Hughes


Played by: Nancy F

The Tremere

Ruthless and insular, the Warlocks and their potent blood magic are untrusted, but grudgingly respected.

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  • Dutiful
  • Loyal
  • Loyal
  • Well Connected
  • Revered

James Robertson


Tall with long dark hair, usually well dressed but his custom made trenchcoat is showing signs of battle.

Played by: Robert L

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Kyle Murphy

Played by: Aaron B

The Ventrue

Rulers of the boardroom and battlefield, the Blue Bloods lead other Kindred as their right and responsibility.

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  • Dedicated
  • Just
  • Loyal
  • Respected

Christopher D. Kennedy

Residing within Portage La Prairie, Mr. Kennedy manages a degree of remote contact.  For some reason, he seems to avoid the city of Gimli. 

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  • Devoted
  • Feared
  • Feared
  • Honorable

Alexi Romanov

An Elder of the Ventrue Clan, Alexi makes occasional visits to the Domain of Gimli for the purposes of business.