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Gimli Times

Volume XIX, Issue DXVIII Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Copycat Suicide

St. Boniface residents are shaken after the May 4 suicide of an unidentified man. Witnesses saw the man jump off the 12 floor Chateau Guay apartments. Police have confirmed that the man jumped off the same balcony as Elanna Guiseppe.

The relationship between the unidentified man and Elanna Guiseppe is unknown.

"Childcare Cutter" Suspect Injured in Custody

Alleged "Childcare Cutter" Wendy Cook was taken to St. Boniface Hospital after she was assaulted by a group of inmates at the remand Center. Reports indicate that she was attacked during dinner, suffering three stab wounds from an improvised weapon.  Her condition at St. Boniface hospital has been upgraded from seriuos to stable condition.  Remand officials have apologised for the incident, and Wendy will be placed in protective isolation when she is returned from the hospital.

Police Searching For Suspect

Police are searching for suspect Kyle Murphy, who is under suspicion of involvement with the disappearance of Iris Mah.  If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Kyle Murphy, please contact 555-TIPS. 

Murder in the Park

May 4th marked the city's latest homicide. The body of Mark Graham (26) was found in Stephen Juba Park, and police have released a statement that they consider hiim a victim of foul play, and are attempting to locate his wife Sabrina Graham (25) for questioning. Police are asking that any information on the location of Sabrina Graham or the events in Stephen Juba park should be directed to their tipline at 555-TIPS.

Hit and Run

Police are investigating after a body was found at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Lindsay Street. Sources have revealed that the body showed evidence of being struck by a vehicle. The body has been identified as Francis Ward. Police are asking for any witnesses to please contact them at 555-TIPS.