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Gimli Times

Volume XX, Issue CMXIX Saturday, September 19th, 2020

Gang Violence Raises Concerns

A large uptick of gang violence a few weeks ago have Gimli Police enacting new provisions. Police Chief Stephanie Cloutier has rolled out a new initiative to target gang violence and has personal declared "zero tolerance" for gang activity.  

Several arrests have already been made after the weekend of gang warfare a few weeks ago that left several suspected gang members dead in firefights.  

Forest Fires Bring Smoke to Gimli

A loss of visibility and health warnings have been announced by the Gimli Health Department.  These are due to a spread of smoke from a large forest fire in the Northern regions of the Province.  

"This is unfortunate, but those with respiratory conditions should monitor themselves and avoid undue exertion.  Drivers are asked to drive below speed limit and be alert."

Meterologists are hopeful that rain in the next few days will reduce particulates in the air, but until then it is recommended to follow the health advisory.