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The "Gimli Times News" presented here is a fictitious, in-game newspaper that the Sang Nordique game storytellers use to advance plots, introduce themes, and set game mood. All articles, events, people, places, or objects mentioned above are to be considered fiction, and in no way reflect or referred to real life articles, events, people, places, or objects.

The information on this page of the website is to be considered in-character. All OWbN player and non-player characters, regardless of home chronicle can be considered to have access to the information on this page.

Gimli Times

Volume XIX, Issue CDVI Saturday, April 6th, 2019

Mangling at Five Star Metals

CNC operator Kurt Devore lost his hand when one of the cutting machines malfunctioned. 

He was saved from bleeding out due to the quick actions of fellow operator Melinda Craig, who administered first aid until Paramedics arrived.

Kurt is in serious condition at the St. Boniface Hospital, his hand too badly damaged to reattach.

Drainage Improvements Planned on Riverside Parks

Several parks along the River have been earmarked for drainage improvement to address flooding concerns. 

The following parks will be the site of construction to build drainage improvements for the first quarter of 2019:

  • Stephen Juba Park
  • Whittier Park
  • Fort Douglas Park
  • Ernie O’Dowda Park
  • Norquay Park.

Accident on Kenaston and Corydon

Three people have been taken to The Menno Simons Hospital in critical condition after a panel van collided with a pickup truck on Kenaston and Corydon.  The Panel van was reportedly speeding and ran through a red light on Kenaston, impacting the Pickup truck.  The drivers of both vehicles as well as a passenger in the Pickup truck were among the critically injured.

Eyewitnesses report that post collision, four unidentified people exited the rear of the panel van and ran from the scene.  Police are asking those that witnessed the collision to contact them with information on the identity of these people.

Dismemberment Closes Daycare

The Elmwood Merry Tykes Daycare has closed after a child severed their finger during arts and crafts. The child is reported to be in stable condition at the Health Science Centre.

Daycare Manager Wendy Cook has been arrested and charged with child neglect.