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Gimli Times

Volume XIX, Issue CDXX Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Accident at Dufferin Yards

The Dufferin Railyards have cleared the last of the debris from the tracks after the accident that happened on April 6, 2019.  A Volvo sedan with Ontario plates drove into the yards and was struck by a train.  

"It was moving fast and the driver wasn't paying attention.That car had no business being there, an accident was bound to happen." said Yard Manager Simon Kirk.  

The driver of the vehicle was not on scene, and police are working with Ontario Provincial Police to track down the owner, Gary Miller.  Police are asking if anyone has seen this man to please contact them with information.  

Regina - Arson Damages Floral Conservatory

Regina, SK 

The Regina Floral Conservatory suffered over $100,000 in damages when a fire was set in the women's washroom.  The fire was set after hours by an unknown assailant, disrupting a private function.  There were no reported injuries.  

Regina Police are investigating the Arson and have confirmed that they have a suspect in custody.  

"Childcare Cutter" Charged

Police have charged former Daycare Manager Wendy Cook with aggravated assault against a minor, and dropping the charges of child neglect. According to sources, the injured child was interviewed by police and gave accounts of her finger being cut off by another. Additional injuries discovered on the child have been submitted as evidence that they were held down and attacked, rather than an accident as originally thought.  

At the arraignment Wendy Cook has pled not guilty to the charges.