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Gimli Times

Volume XIX, Issue DIV Saturday, May 4th, 2019

Park Drainage Project Suffers Delays

A series of misfortunes has delayed the drainage project in the parks following the Red River Oxbow around Point Douglas. Some concerns regarding the 2018 Environmental assessement of the region has city inspectors reviewing the documentation to ensure there were no errors in the reporting. 

A recent theft of roughly $20,000 in construction materials in Fort Douglas Park has resulted in additional delays. Police are investigating the theft and are asking any witnesses to please contact them at 555-TIPS.

Security at the other construction sites have been increased to prevent further thefts, and Gimli police have dispatched Cadet patrols in the Point Douglas area to assist in keeping the peace. 

Hero Cop Solves Case

The mystery behind the murder of 27 year old April Sanderson came to a surprising close. April Sanderson was found dead in her house on April 25th, a victim of multiple stab wounds. There was no sign of forced entry, but evidence of a struggle.  Constable Jack O'Sullivan, acting on "a hunch" acquired a warrant to search the backyard of neighbor Carl Vane, 45. Buried in the garden was the murder weapon, a bloody kitchen knife. The prints on the knife matched to Carl Vane, and the blood matched to April Sanderson.

"I noticed that he had dug up his garden, and it stood to reason that April might have welcomed in her neighbor." said Constable Jack O'Sullivan.  "I had a hunch, and it paid off."

Carl Vane has been taken into custody and has made a full confession to authorities. 

St. Boniface Mourns Teen Suicide

St. Boniface residents are mourning the suicide of 16 year old Elanna Guiseppe. Witnesses reported that she was seen jumping from the 12 floor Chateau Guay apartments. Elanna was looking after the apartment for her grandparents, who were wintering in Florida. 

A suicide awareness campaign is being pushed through by School Trustees, in an effort to raise awareness for high risk teenagers.  

Evidence Mounts in "Childcare Cutter" Courtroom

The Wendy Cook "Childcare Cutter" case has emotions running high. The courtroom was adjourned in an uproar when Crown Prosecutor Katrina Wilson submitted an audio interview between the assualted child and CFS councillors. Though the child did not name Wendy by name, her harrowing account of being attacked with a pair of scissors resulted in several attendees making violent threats towards Wendy.  

Wendy Cook was reported to look "ashen" when presented with the audio interview. Wendy's defence Laywer Henry Salt has maintained Wendy's innocence, pointing to her 15 years of dedicated service as an Early Childhood Educator.