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Gimli Times

Volume XIX, Issue DCCXIII Saturday, July 13th, 2019

Police Cordon Off Dale Boulevard


Police have just cordoned off Dale Boulevard from Betsworth Avenue to Evenwood Crescent. A detachment of the high threat response team have breached 777 and 779 Dale Boulevard, and shots have been fired inside of the residences. 

Residents of the area have been asked to stay indoors until the police give an all clear.

Missing Child Found

A missing child in the Hecla camping area was found by park services, acting with assistance from information given to the Gimli Police.  Bethany Cyra (8) was found near the Icelandic Grove Historical marker along the Hecla 10 Km trail after being missing for two days.  

Bethany was brought in to St. Boniface hospital and is being treated for mild exposure. Her parents Joyce and Rhett Cyra have expressed their gratitude to park services and Gimli police for their assistance.

"We turned our backs and she was just.. gone from the campsite.  We searched for hours and couldn't find her. After two days, we thought we lost her. It is a miracle to have her back."

Murders in Tuxedo Shock Neighborhood

The affluent neighborhood of Tuxedo were stunned when cleaning staff discovered the bodies of Chet Botham (52), his wife Suzanne Botham (43), and their children Jacinda (15) and Tobias (12) at their home on 512 Bower Boulevard.

The cleaning lady Deidre Merens was admitted to the hospital and treated for shock.  In an interview, she revealed the grisly details.  "It was a bloodbath.  They were cut up, mutilated. That poor family, those poor children.  I see it when I close my eyes. The carpets were stained red."

Police have released a statement that this is an ongoing investigation and they are not willing to release details at this time.