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Gimli Times

Volume XIX, Issue MV Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Increase of Violent Crime Causing Worry

An increase of violent assaults in the city has the people on edge.  

An interview with Police Spokesperson Tabitha Hanson confirms that the numbers are high. "For the last several years violent crime in Gimli has been steady, elevated, but steady.  In the last month we have doubled the numbers from last year, and that is concerning.  These assaults have mostly been crimes of passion, and are not indicative of any premeditation on the part of the aggressor."

These assualts have been occuring in public gatherings, such as bars, malls, movie theaters, and major landmarks in the city. Gimli citizens are advised to use cautions and keep a cool head when confronted with someone agitated.  

Moral Coalition Pushes Legal Reform

There has been a huge push for a number of legal reforms by a coalition ofseveral spiritual leaders in the city, backed by sympathetic Police offices and managers from Public Insurance, Hydro and the City planning Commission.  

Father Michael Shannon was among the supporters.  In an interview, he said "For too long the legal system has been punishing those that wish to express their religious freedoms in the morning with prayer and supplication.  We hope to change this by putting a period of Spiritual Reflection into public school's morning routine". 

"The Gimli Police need additional protections, especially permission to use their button cameras for civil cases. Currently the button cameras can only be used in ongoing police investigations and Internal Affairs review. Allowing the button camera footage use as evidence in small claims could be a huge leap forward." Said one unnamed lawyer.  

The demand for legal reforms are many, but the words are unified in this moral coalition. Big changes are up ahead for the city's municipal bylaws, and possibly even Provincial reform. 

University of Gimli Renovations for the Different Abled

A massive project has been announced to improve the accessibiility and services for the differently abled going to the University of Gimli.  Wheelchair accessibility, braille signs, and visualizations of time and class changes are just a few of the enhancements being made to assist those that do not have access of all five of the senses. 

Funding for the effort has been spearheaded by the Right Start Society, working with several generous donors through the Western Investment Group, in consultation with Professors and student groups in the University.    

Partnership or Interference?

Certain outspoken reporters are concerned about the partnership between City police and the various media outlets.  They are arguing aginast the degree of access city police are getting to investigative reporting sources. These sources include confidential informants within some of the more sinister criminal syndicates operating in the city.  

Police officials have pushed back against these allegations. "These reporters are doing nothing short of aiding and abetting criminals, and they should be treated as criminals themselves." said one Police Officer, who asked not to be named.  

The Life and Times of Gimli Police

Gimli's finest has permitted unprescedented access to their day to day activities to reporters, in an effort to show their new policies of transparency and accountability.  

Over the last few weeks, influencers and bloggers have put up several videos of ride-alongs and police busy at work keeping the streets and households safe and orderly. 

This new partnership between the Gimli police and the Gimli media will ensure that the city of Gimli sees the fair and balanced side of law and order.