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Gimli Times

Volume XIX, Issue MXXVIII Monday, October 28th, 2019

Official Flag Missing After Ceremony

The ceremonial Canadian flag used during the ceremony to swear new citizens in has gone missing after the most recent use at the Manitoba Legislature. The ceremony took place at dusk on Wednesday October 30th, and all participants remember seeing the flag there during the entire event. After the event its handler, Immigration Officer Tony Kurtzoff, went to place it in the locked carrying case it normally resides in, and was not able to locate it.

Gimli PD are seeking any reports from witnesses who were there, though they are not treating it as a theft at this time as it is not considered to be valuable.

Professor Katherine Rushing Missing

The Gimli Police are keeping tight lipped, but sources have stated that Professor Katherine Rushing, well-known local philanthropist, has gone missing. The latest information received by the Gimli Times is that she was last scene in Point Douglas, along with an unnamed Gimli Police Officer and a small child. Shots were reported, and neighbours have stated they saw Professor Rushing leaving the area with a visible gunshot wound on her shoulder. While the Gimli PD will not confirm the reports, they are asking anyone who locates Professor Rushing to come forward and let them know.

Police Chief Stephanie Cloutier has gone on record stating "I want to stress that there are no charges being considered at this time against Professor Rushing; we are simply concerned for her well-being and wish to know the details of what happened."

Local Gang War Re-Sparks in Gimli

After months of peace between the local gangs, it appears we are in for another time of war. Reports have come in from all over the city that multiple gangs are going to war against a relative newcomer group, the Rache Sonne or Vengeance Sons, after it was discovered that the gang consists primarily of those who consider themselves skinheads, or, more appropriately, Neo-Nazis. The most recent spate of violence occurred between the Beat Boys and Black Bullets gangs and the skinhead group, breaking out off and on during the last two weeks at locations across Gimil.

Gimli PD took the opportunity to reassure the public that they have weathered storms between rival gangs of miscreants before, and that the public should report any signs of violence but not get involved. An inside source reports that multiple people have been killed, though the records appear to be locked down pretty tightly. Anyone hospitalized has been sequestered, though they are in no condition to talk to the police, reporters, or possibly anyone else ever again.

Raving Lunatics Threaten School

Sisler High School is closed indeterminately after a pair of raving lunatics burst into the administrative office after hours this week and threatened to "burn this *expletive* to the ground". Headmaster Owen Diggs and Secretary Karen Pryce were at the school after hours preparing for the upcoming Halloween events when an unidentified man and woman somehow managed to get past the secure gates and into the office area.

While the woman assaulted Ms. Pryce, the man beat Headmaster Diggs, then threated to burn the school if Headmaster Diggs did not purge their detention files. Fortunately there were no other staff or children on site at the time, though the electronic records were irretrievably damaged during the assault.

The security camera footage has been turned over to the Gimli PD, however they do not have high hopes of finding the suspects, as they were fully dressed in Halloween apparel, as is typical at this time of year.

Fire at Kildonan Park Golf Course

Gimli Firefighters were called to a massive blaze at the Kildonan Park Golfcourse clubhouse this week. While they arrived on scene within moments of the first report, the fire was too intense to fight. Instead they focused on containing it to avoid it spreading to the nearby course and woodland area.

The clubhouse was declared a total loss, with only rubble and smoking ash remaining there the next morning. A spokesperson for the club stated only that they were fully insured, and they were thankful that there were no reported injuries. Gimli Police are investigating the cause of the fire, though they have no details to release at this time.

Halloween Party For the Ages

The Western Investment Group's Halloween party, held at the Gimli Convention Centre, has been regarded by many of the star-studded attendees as one of the year's best events.  

No expense was spared in decor, food and libations, but the opulence of the event did not detract from it's whimsy. Dancers from the School of Fine Arts performed before an appreciative crowd, clad in skeleton leotards. The Gimli Performing Arts Studio's Acapella Chorus performed in zombie costume.

It will be remembered as an event by which all other events shall be measured by.