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Gimli Times

Volume XIX, Issue MCXXX Saturday, November 30th, 2019

Violence at Romanos

A recent outbreak of violence in Romanos, a popular bar along the Corydon Strip has been linked to gang activity, say anonymous sources.  

An argument between a man wearing Beat Boy colors and an unidentified bar patron escalated to a 14 person brawl, which ended in police intervention. 8 people have been taken to hospital with injuries, and police made several arrests. 

This is the sixth incident of violence at Romanos, and discussions are underway to increase security in the bar to protect the patrons from harm. 

Santa's Helpers Unionize Over Dispute

Santa actors around the city have recently unionized after a company called 'Holiday Solutions' booked up every mall and public school in the city.  The rise of a corporate entity to represent Santa at these locations has many Santa actors concerned and angered.  Said Michael Owens, retired School Bus Driver - "I've been Santa for 15 years, and now I'm getting crowded out by this group.  Where's the holiday spirit?"

In response, many of the independent Santas in the city have unionized and are protesting the decision of the Mall owners and School board decision. Demonstrations outside of St. Vital Mall and Polo Park Shopping Center have put a damper in the holiday spirit. Said one Irate Parent "How do I explain to my child why these Santas are holding up picket sighs? I can't."

"The Holiday Solutions Santas are all licensed and have criminal records checks to ensure they can work with children. They are not some bearded wierdo off the street" said community relations representative Andrea McLean.  "We are committed to safe Santas that have been vetted and properly trained in Santa-ettiquete, and the acceptable greetings and fielding of children's questions.  We are the solution, the Holiday Solution."

Theft at Symington Yard

Police have arrested three suspects in connection to a rash of thefts at Symington Yard. Over $150,000 worth of train rails have been stolen over the course of the months of October and November this year, and the foreman of the Yard has had to increase security. This increased security recorded the thieves as they were loading the rails onto a flatbed truck for transport. 

The three suspects have been charged with theft over $5,000, and are in holding pending a court date.