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Gimli Times

Volume XX, Issue CCXXII Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

Missing Persons

Police have made an official statement asking the populace to report in any information about missing persons.  Sources say that this is in relation to a number of cases involving missing persons, most recently Rosemary Gremish, who went missing in late January.  

Rosemary Gremish is a 22 year old caucasian female, last seen wearing a black corset and black pants.  A recent photo has been provided by her family. If you know of the whereabouts of Rosemary or have reports of missing persons, please call the Police Tip line at 1-800-GOT-TIPS.


Attack on Axial Chemicals Headquarters

Police have cordoned off the Axial Chemicals Headquarters at 57 Dawson Rd, after reports of s semi-truck smashing into the side of the buildiing, causing massive property damage. This is on the heels of the Axial Chemical Plant fire on Church and Hutchings, one of two Axial Chemical plants in the city.  

At this time, Axial Chemicals CEO Nicholas Trent was filmed being thrown out the fifth story window by an unknown assailant.  He has been taken to St. Boniface Hospital and is listed in critical condition. When the police rapid response unit entered into the building, they reported seeing vandalism and destruction, but did not find any suspects inside.  

Eyewitnesses report that a large amount of shredded paper was flying out the broken window that Nicholas Trent was thrown out of, and the Headquarters were closed for the weekend. It is unknown what the CEO was doing in the Headquarters at this time, or who assaulted him. 

Investigations Continue on Fire at Transcona Tent Town

Police and Fire Inspectors are still sifting though the damage from the fire on February 8th, which tore through the Homeless Camp along the North Transcona Docks.  

A total of four derelict buildings were badly damaged by the fire, aided by the debris of the tent town that had sprung up around it. Fortunately, only a small handful of people were treated for smoke inhalation, reportedly because they were attempting to retrieve their belongings.  

"We worried that this was going to happen, and now it has happened," Said St. Boniface Ward Councilperson Pauline Ducharme.  "Now we have to remain vigilant that this sort of hazard will be addressed swiftly before it happens again."

One member of the homeless population, who refused to provide a name, said that they were being visited and fed by a Community Outreach effort when the fire began.  "It's a good thing we were all lined up for food and not in our tents, or it would have been terrible. We all just lost our mind when the fires began, everyone running in all directions."

Police have yet to release a report on their findings thus far in the ashes and wreckage, but it is strongly suspected that the fire is the result of careless use of camping equipment among the homeless population.