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Gimli Times

Volume XX, Issue CCCVII Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Week-Long Rains in the Forecast

Meteorologists have announced that spring showers will dominate the next week. This rain and warmer weather has city planners concerned about possible flooding as the Lake begins to melt.

City Planner Harold Bayard has confirmed that there is concerns. "We are monitoring Lake levels and they are above the levels of the previous year. We are preparing for the worst."

Lake Winnipeg flooding has been a long predicted issue as Global Climate change has resulted in permafrost melting and increased runoff.  It has been recommended that in the weeks and months to come that Gimli citizens prepare for the possiblity of flooding issues.  

Restaurant Grand Opening

Rejoice!  The grand opening of Danny and Sue's Sweet Nuts was deemed a rousing success.  This Donut Delicatessen caters to the growing gourmet tastes that have increased in popularity. The recent national scandal of the liberal tastes for the more expensive donut has only increased demand and popularity. 

Those that attended the event were subject to the wonders of a whimsical animatronic Koala, that would tip it's adorable hat to those that entered.  The selection of donut creations ran from deceptively simple to incredibly intricate.

The "Fire Maple" Donut is glazed in a secret recipe combining the sweet of naturally sourced maple syrup and the fire hot of a mix of peppers. This and several other gourmet donuts were quickly sold out, with the people clamouring for more.  

So if you have a taste for a donut, then come on by and sink your teeth into Danny and Sue's Sweet Nuts!

Possible Arson at Healthy Harvest Fertilizer Plant

A fire destroyed the Healthy Harvest Fertilizer Plant on 95 Paquin Road, in the St. Boniface Industrial Park. Firefighters were delayed in fighting the fire due to low water pressure in the hydrants near the building.  

Police have reported that a pair of masked individuals broke into the plant prior to the fire, and are investigating the incident as a possible arson.  

Two security guards were treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns, and there were no other casualties.  

Noted Activist Missing

Police have no leads after the disappearance of Activist Anna Taylor, last seen in late February.  Her disappearance has shocked the lower income and homeless community, for which she had been a staunch supporter.  

"Anna's been taking care of us for a long time," said Doug, one of the homeless population of Gimli. "She's always there with some hot food and an ear to bend about the **** that gets us down."

A candlelit vigil is being planned for 9pm Saturday, March 7th, at the Bullseye's Recreation Centre.