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Gimli Times

Volume XX, Issue DCCCXXII Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

Hip Display at Keystone Centre

On August 20, 2016, the Tragically Hip performed their final show in Kingston. In honor this final show, the Brandon Keystone centre have been holding tributes to the band.  This weekend is the fourth annual Tragically Hip Commenoration, and a number of showings from tribute bands will be held at the Keystone Centre, as well as several viewings of recorded shows by the Hip.

A number of the band's memorabilia will also be shown, including drum sticks, play lists, and old instruments used by the band in their 33 year career. 

"We are excited about this event, and it has grown over the years by those that loved the band and it's impact on the Canadian Music scene." said Keystone Centre worker Al "Big Al" Sharpton. "People come in from all over the world to gather and enjoy the music."

The events will span the weekend, culminating in a Sunday even broadcast of the band's last performance in Kingston.