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Gimli Times

Volume XIX, Issue DCI Saturday, June 1st, 2019

Product Recall for Moolicious Milk

The distributors of Moolicious Milk have issued a city-wide product recall following reports of spoilage at the Unicity Sobeys and Tim Hortons.  

"It may have only been a single shipment, but we are not about to endanger our customers," said Moolicious Spokesperson Chelsea Woodhouse at a Press Conference.  "We are dedicated to safety and quality of all Moolicious products, and we want to assure the public that spoilage is something we take very seriously. 

All milk products from Moolicious will be accepted for returns at the nearest grocery store. 

Five Dead in Police Raid

Five suspects are dead after a deadly clash against the Gimli Emergency Response Unit. 

Witnesses say the warehouse building was on fire and a group of five armed people rushed out.  Police demanded several times for them to lay down their weapons, but they refused to comply.  

Rumors persist that the warehouse was being used as a lab to produce methamphetamine, and the fire was reportedly caused by chemicals used for meth production.  

Police have not released a statement regarding the events. 

Assault at Bar Romana

The Bar Romana on Corydon was closed after a patron was assautled.  Alice Haynes was found in the bathroom after an unknown assailant cut off her thumb. She is in the Menno Simons Bretheren Hospital in stable condition. Police are investigating the assault and have asked witnesses to please contact them at 555-TIPS. 

Shots Fired at Whittier Park

Gunfire was reported by residences around Whittier park on May 18th. Police have investiged the park, and reportedly found evidence of spent rifle and pistol casings, as well as blood from recent injuries. 

Police are actively investigating the incident, and have asked witnesses to please contact them at 555-TIPS. 

Police Rescue Captive

Sabrina Graham, missing since the May 4th murder of her husband Mark Graham has been found. Constable Jack O'Sullivan found Sabrina, who was held captive in a Sports supply shed by the Whittier park baseball diamond.  

"I was doing some follow up on the report of shots fired in the park when I heard some unusual sounds coming from the shed." Said Constable O'Sullivan. "After an investigation of the shed, I discovered Mrs. Graham. She was bound and gagged and there was evidence that she had been kept at the shed for some time.  Mrs. Graham is badly dehydrated but is recovering in St. Boniface Hospital."

There is no confirmation on whether or not the gunfire at the park is related to the kidnapping of Sabrina Graham.